What is the significance of the Nigella seeds?

The Nigella seeds are the black coloured drop-shaped seeds that are part of the family of herbaceous. These seeds are also known as nigella Sativa seeds. These seeds are used for various purposes, and mainly, the powder made from them is sprinkled on the food. They are used to make the food more delicious. These seeds were originated from the Mediterranean region, but now they are available in almost all the areas of the world.

Basic characteristics of Nigella seeds

  1. The plant of the Nigella seed has a beautiful appearance as the flower of this plant is of two different colours i.e., blue and white. You can see the blossoming of the flowers of this plant in the month of July.
  • The flowers of this plant consist of attractive pear-shaped seeds, which are present in the large seed capsule. In the beginning, they are white in colour when they come in contact with air their colour changes from white to black.
  • In addition, you can use them as a spice when they are fully bloomed in the month of September. At this time, the seed is matured and kept in the open air to make them dry, and then they are used in cooking.

Some recipes of the Nigella seeds

  • The seeds of nigella are mixed with the feta cheese & yogurt, and it can be used as crudities.
  • The seeds of the nigella can be sprinkled on the beans of the fava, and you can serve the dish with the lemon juice to get an amazing experience with fruitful taste.
  • You can also use these seeds while marinating the tuna fish with the olive oil and the seeds, and the famous dish known as hor’s d’ oeuvre can be prepared.
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